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Separating or thinking of separating?

Perhaps you already have and need help sorting things out such as how to finalise a property settlement, get a divorce or make custody arrangements between yourself and your ex-partner.

Whatever your family law problem, our family law solicitors can help you work through it and finalise it with the least amount of time, fuss and stress.

We can help you move forward

We have helped hundreds of people work through their family law difficulties over the past 11 years, enabling them to focus on their futures rather than dealing with past events and issues.

We understand how hard things can become prior to, during and after a relationship breakdown. We understand that family law issues that arise are many and varied.

We are able to offer you understanding during this difficult time and provide you with definitive family law advice as to how to achieve the best possible outcome in your circumstances.

We have serviced offices across Sydney and can even arrange to see you at a more convenient location and time outside of ordinary office hours if required.

No obligation free telephone chat

We are happy to have a chat over the phone about your matter. For a no obligation telephone chat or to arrange an appointment to see a family lawyer call now on (02) 9522 7328 or alternatively, contact us via our Enquiry Form.

Office locations

We have office locations in Sydney, Parramatta and Miranda and are able to see you at other locations if required as we offer a mobile law service.

For urgent assistance call us on (02) 9522 7328.

We provide legal advice on all family law matters

Some areas where we can provide you with family law advice include:

  • Property Settlement
  • Children & Custody
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Consent Orders
  • Going to Court
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Defacto Property Settlements
  • AVOs