Criminal Law

Are you under police investigation/charged with a criminal offence?

This is a stressful time for you. You may feel you are not in control and don't know what to do next. This is a very normal reaction but now is the time to take proper steps to get legal assistance.

What to do if criminally charged or under investigation?

At this point it's extremely important for you to take control, focus and obtain proper legal advice from a criminal defence lawyer as to your rights, obligations and the available options. Fail to plan, plan to fail - don't let that be you. Take the right steps to obtain legal advice immediately. Don't make the mistake of speaking to police, being interviewed or entering a plea with the court before speaking to a criminal defence lawyer. These types of mistakes can be critical to your success or failure. Plan to succeed by speaking to a specialist criminal lawyer first.Criminal charges can be life changing.Your reputation, employability and freedom are important to your livelihood (and your family's). Don't let the outcome of your criminal charge be based on guesswork, chance or simply "hoping for the best".

How we can help?

With more then 23 years experience in criminal law matters. There is no substitute for excellent criminal law advice and representation. It can make a massive difference to your final result. We have over 23 years experience in criminal law matters and appear in all criminal courts of NSW. You can be confident that the legal advice we provide will place you in the position to receive the best obtainable outcome. Respect and sensitivity guaranteed. We understand that these matters can be sensitive and difficult to discuss and we guarantee that you will be treated with respect and compassion at all times.

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