Traffic Law

What is Traffic Law?

Traffic law relates, self-evidently to laws dealing with traffic-related matters. There is an overlap with criminal law as many traffic law offences are also criminal law offences, though some are not, such as parking infringements and the less serious speeding offences such as those where a traffic infringement is issued.

How will this impact you?

Those offences which are not deemed to be criminal offences under NSW traffic laws do not result in a criminal conviction being recorded against you however, they will appear on your traffic record and may carry demerit points which may certainly impact upon the retention of your driver licence. For this reason, it is very important that you seek and obtain sound legal advice regarding every traffic offence which is either criminal in nature or carries demerit points. Having obtained advice you may realise you have a defence to the alleged offence and it may be worth defending the matter.

Unfortunately, we have encountered many people who have accepted an incorrectly issued fine /charge only to find themselves wishing they had defended it after receiving a subsequent infringement/charge which they did not have a defence to. For that reason we urge you to obtain legal advice about your traffic matter, be it criminal or perhaps an infringement notice before you go to court and enter a plea or perhaps pay that fine.

It could be the difference in keeping your job or being unemployed as the three year period to regain lost points leaves a large amount of room open for further demerit points to accrue in this age of prolific speed cameras in our city. Make certain that you make the right decisions when dealing with a traffic law matter where a criminal conviction or loss of licence is a potential consequence. If you are uncertain on how to proceed or have a question please call us now on (02) 9522 7328.

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